18th January 2019

Webinar on the Nitric Acid Climate Auctions Program – January 24, 2019

One of the two Financing Streams of NACAG is the Nitric Acid Climate Auctions Program (NACAP), implemented by the World Bank. The NACAP Secretariat is hosting a webinar on the program on January 24, 2019, at 9 am EST (3 pm CET). During the webinar, the NACAP Secretariat will provide an overview of the auction…

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20th December 2018

NACAG holds consultations in Zimbabwe

In December 2018, the NACAG secretariat visited Zimbabwe. It held consultations with all relevant stakeholders to be engaged in the initiative and carried out a feasibility study of the Sable Chemicals nitric acid plant located in Kwekwe. The three day visit at the plant revealed the great potential for a cooperation between Zimbabwe’s only nitric…

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19th December 2018

NACAP publishes further auction parameters

In order to help achieve the goals of NACAG, the Nitric Acid Climate Auctions Program (NACAP) is going to support price guarantees for eligible nitrous oxide emission reductions from nitric acid plants. The NACAP is planning to hold at least one reverse auction in 2019 to sell put options to private sector companies. The Auctions…

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22nd October 2018

NACAG Secretariat on visit to Indonesia

This month, the NACAG Secretariat visited Indonesia in order to discuss benefits as well as terms and conditions concerning NACAG membership with the Indonesian Government. On October 17, 2018, The Indonesian Planning Ministry Bappenas convened a NACAG Workshop in Jakarta. Besides representatives from Bappenas and the NACAG Secretariat, delegates from the Ministry of Industry and…

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19th October 2018

Promising Workshop with the Government of Algeria

On October 11, 2018, the NACAG Secretariat held a successful workshop in Algiers where the NACAG team presented the Initiative to representatives from the Algerian Government. Participants included representatives from the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Agriculture. At the workshop,…

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6th July 2018


The 3rd edition of the International Industrial Fair CUBAINDUSTRIA took place from 18th to 22th June 2018 in La Habana, Cuba. During this event all relevant sectors of the Cuban industry were represented. Cuban and international companies had the opportunity to show new products and talk about challenges and opportunities. A representative from the NACAG…

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2nd July 2018

Second NACAP Webinar on July 3 – Register now!

The Nitric Acid Climate Auctions Program (NACAP) Secretariat is organizing a series of webinars to inform about the auction. The next webinar will take place on July 3 2018, from 9 am to 10.30 am EST. You can register under the following link:

28th May 2018

NACAP auction planned for winter or spring 2019

The Nitric Acid Climate Auctions Program (NACAP) has released details on the upcoming auction of options to sell eligible nitrous oxide emission reductions from nitric acid plants. The NACAP is planning to hold at least one reverse auction in the winter or spring 2019 to sell put options which would give the option holder the right,…

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24th May 2018

NACAG Workshop at the Innovate4Climate Conference on May 22, 2018 “Transferring the NACAG Approach to Support Climate Action”

At this year’s Innovate4Climate Conference, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) organized a workshop called “Global Cooperation for Transformative Change and Ambition Raising”.  In the workshop, panelists discussed the NACAG approach and its transferability to other sectors. In his speech, Dr. Karsten Sach (Head of Division for International…

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7th March 2018

Tunisia first country to sign Statement of Undertaking

The Tunisian Minister for the Environment, Mr. Riadh Mouakher, signed the official Statement of Undertaking of the Nitric Acid Climate Action Group at a NACAG Workshop held in Tunis on 28 February 2018. By signing this document, Tunisia is committing itself to phase out nitrous oxide emissions from nitric acid production and permanently ensure the…

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