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28th July 2021

Peru commits to the climate-friendly transformation of the nitric acid sector

On 27 July 2021, the Peruvian Ministers of Production and Environment signed NACAG’s Statement of Undertaking. The Government of Peru has thereby committed to take political measures to ensure permanent and efficient reduction of nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from this sector from 2024 onwards.

Following this step, nitric acid producers in Peru are eligible for financial support through NACAG to purchase and install nitrous oxide mitigation and monitoring equipment in their facilities. The emission reduction potential in this sector in Peru amounts to approximately 40,000 tonnes of CO2-equivalent per year, equal to about 20,000 flights between Buenos Aires and Berlin.

Peru is the eighth country that signed the SoU, following Uzbekistan, Thailand, Argentina, Mexico, Georgia, Tunisia and Zimbabwe that have already committed to climate-friendly nitric acid production. Together, these countries will mitigate more than three million tons of CO2-equivalent annually in the nitric acid sector.

The signing of the SoU by the Government of Peru highlights the global trend towards climate-friendly industrial transformation.

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