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The Nitric Acid Climate Action Group welcomes all parties, including governments, institutions, and representatives from the private sector, who are willing to support the goal of reducing nitrous oxide emissions from nitric acid and caprolactam production in a sustainable manner.

We invite you to reach out to us if you wish to endorse the initiative and contribute to its objective of phasing out N2O emissions from all nitric acid and caprolactam plants globally. You can express your support by signing our non-legally binding Declaration.

Furthermore, governments are encouraged to sign the Statement of Undertaking, formalizing their membership in NACAG. This document signifies a commitment to permanently mitigate nitrous oxide emissions from nitric acid or caprolactam plants in the future. Plant operators located in countries that are members of NACAG can apply for grants by completing and signing the Grant Application Notice. Upon successful application, plant operators can receive technical guidance and financial assistance for the installation and maintenance of abatement technology.

For any inquiries concerning the Nitric Acid Climate Action Group, please contact

Enrico Rubertus
Director of the NACAG Secretariat
Köthener Straße 2-3
10963 Berlin

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By signing this non-legally binding declaration you express your support for the Nitric Acid Climate Action Group and its objective to phase out N2O emissions from nitric acid production
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Statement of Undertaking

By signing this document, governments commit themselves to phasing out nitrous oxide emissions from nitric acid production.
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Grant Application Notice (EN)

In order to be eligible for financial support from the NACAG Support Facility, plant operators have to fill in and sign the Grant Application Notice. The notice includes information on eligibility criteria and the application procedure. In addition, its annexes contain the actual application form, the Declaration of Honor and the Declaration on Climatic Benefits.
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