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2nd December 2021

NACAG presented at webinar “Nexus Chemistry – Climate Change: Understanding Trends, Risks and Opportunities”

On 1 December 2021, NACAG elaborated on cost-efficient and replicable solutions to reduce emissions in the nitric acid sector at the webinar, organized by the Climate Action Programme for the Chemical Industry (CAPCI) in cooperation with the International Council of Chemical Associations.

Besides the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions GHG, participants discussed practical solutions for tackling climate change and examples and learning experiences from support programmes for small and medium enterprises.

The CAPCI focuses mainly on information, capacity building and knowledge sharing to mitigate GHG in the chemical industry in developing countries and emerging economies. The project aims at strengthening the competencies of key actors for climate protection in the chemical industry.

The chemical sector accounts for around 8% of global GHG. At the same time, the chemical industry is a source of innovations and materials that are crucial for the future carbon-free world. The webinar of CAPCI is dedicated to the possibilities of addressing this huge potential and at the time of reducing emissions from the chemical industry.

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