Ongoing tenders

Tender Announcement : Tender for N2O Monitoring System Package in Thailand by UBE Chemicals (Asia) Public Company Limited, From April 24, 2024 till Jun 14, 2024
International Open Tender in Jordan: Procurement of Secondary Nitrous Oxide Abatement Technology at KEMAPCO®
International Open Tender for Secondary Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Abatement Technology Supply at Monómeros (Barranquilla, Colombia)
Market Inquiry for Secondary Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Abatement Technology Supply at Monómeros (Barranquilla, Colombia) – The Nitric Acid Climate Action Group (nitricacidaction.org)
Tender Announcement in Jordan: Procurement of Advanced N2O Monitoring Equipment at KEMAPCO® – The Nitric Acid Climate Action Group (nitricacidaction.org)

Successful tenders

Sable Chemicals signs the contract on monitoring equipment procurement 

General information on tender procedure

As NACAG´s financial assistance is secured by the German public funds, the public tender is an integral part of its cooperation with partner plant operators. At the same time, it enables the plant operator to choose from the best possible technological options.

Responsibility and costs coverage

NACAG covers all costs mentioned in the tender documentation and provides payments directly to the tender winner (technology provider). The initiative also supports the plant operator in the tender preparation and development of the terms of reference. However, the partner plant operator is entirely responsible for organizing and conducting the tender process in line with national tender guidelines.

Tender organization

The tenders will be held internationally: bidders from all over the world are encouraged to take part. However, they will be designed and conducted under the national law of the respective partner country. The abatement technology (secondary or tertiary), monitoring equipment and civil works might be tendered in separate lots.

However, it is possible and very welcomed that interested catalyst producers, engineering firms, project developers, project managers, and monitoring equipment providers may group up to build a consortium or conclude agreements to cover the complete set of requirements.​