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11th November 2021

The EU Ambassadors to Zimbabwe visit NACAG partner plant operator Sable Chemicals

On 3 November 2021, a delegation of EU ambassadors visited Sable Chemicals, the sole producer of nitrogenous fertilizers in Zimbabwe. During the visit, the EU ambassadors and plant representatives discussed the NACAG initiative and its importance for climate action. Sable is a partner to the NACAG initiative and is currently preparing the installation of N2O emissions abatement technology and monitoring equipment.

Sable Chemicals was founded in 1966 and is located in Kwekwe in central Zimbabwe. This year, NACAG signed the Grant Agreement with the production facility, according to which the initiative will support purchasing and installing N2O mitigation and emissions monitoring equipment. The Zimbabwean Government signed NACAG’s Statement of Undertaking, committing to implement political measures to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from the nitric acid sector from 2024 onwards.

The mitigation potential in Zimbabwe amounts to 400.000 tons of CO2-equivalent, which is equivalent to emissions produced by approximately 86 000 passenger vehicles driven in one year.

This example shows the importance of climate cooperation between public and private entities to achieve the climate-friendly transformation of industrial sectors.

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