6th December 2021

Information webinar on the upcoming tenders on abatement and monitoring equipment

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In the upcoming months, NACAG partner plant operators will launch tenders for the installation of N2O abatement and monitoring technology in nitric acid production plants. The NACAG finances the purchase and installation of N2O abatement and monitoring technology as well as supporting services (e.g. training, project management) in production facilities in eligible countries that have…

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2nd December 2021

NACAG presented at webinar “Nexus Chemistry – Climate Change: Understanding Trends, Risks and Opportunities”

On 1 December 2021, NACAG elaborated on cost-efficient and replicable solutions to reduce emissions in the nitric acid sector at the webinar, organized by the Climate Action Programme for the Chemical Industry (CAPCI) in cooperation with the International Council of Chemical Associations. Besides the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions GHG, participants discussed practical solutions for…

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22nd November 2021

Colombia organizes a COP26 side event on cooperation with NACAG

On 4 November 2021, an event focusing on advances in the abatement of nitrous oxide emissions in Colombia took place within the framework of the 26th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 26). The representatives of the Colombian Ministry of Environment and the German Federal Ministry of…

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11th November 2021

The EU Ambassadors to Zimbabwe visit NACAG partner plant operator Sable Chemicals

On 3 November 2021, a delegation of EU ambassadors visited Sable Chemicals, the sole producer of nitrogenous fertilizers in Zimbabwe. During the visit, the EU ambassadors and plant representatives discussed the NACAG initiative and its importance for climate action. Sable is a partner to the NACAG initiative and is currently preparing the installation of N2O…

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8th November 2021

A growing number of countries include the nitric acid sector in their Nationally Determined Contributions.

In the recent submissions of the updated Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the Paris Agreement, Jordan and Pakistan included the commitment to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from the nitric acid sector. Alongside these two countries, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Colombia, and Mexico have also covered the nitric acid sector in their current NDCs, some of them specifically…

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15th September 2021

NACAG presented at the opening of Sustainable Fertilizer Production Technology Forum 2021

Fertilizer production is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. Therefore, sustainable production and environmental considerations are of increasing importance across the global fertilizer industry. From September 20th to 23rd, CRU’s Sustainable Fertilizer Production Technology Forum will take place online. The event will deal with all aspects related to sustainability in the…

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28th July 2021

Peru commits to the climate-friendly transformation of the nitric acid sector

On 27 July 2021, the Peruvian Ministers of Production and Environment signed NACAG’s Statement of Undertaking. The Government of Peru has thereby committed to take political measures to ensure permanent and efficient reduction of nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from this sector from 2024 onwards. Following this step, nitric acid producers in Peru are eligible for financial…

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26th July 2021

Tender for the installation of N2O abatement technology at Sable Chemicals (Zimbabwe) published

NACAG´s partner plant operator in Zimbabwe, Sable Chemical Industries Ltd., has opened a call for international competitive bidding for the design, installation and commissioning of nitrous oxide (N2O) abatement technology (secondary catalyst) and emissions monitoring equipment at Sable’s nitric acid plants in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe. Interested bidders may request the bidding documents via email from Sable…

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14th July 2021

Climate-friendly transformation of the global nitric acid industry gains momentum

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An increasing number of countries pursues the climate-friendly transformation of the nitric acid industry. Today, NACAG counts 14 member states, seven of which have firmly committed to a climate friendly transformation of their nitric acid sector. Covid-19 did not only pose substantial challenges to the international community and national governments but has also transformed the…

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18th June 2021

Registration open for the International Online Symposium SCIF

The International Online Symposium SCIF will take place online on 23 and 24 June 2021. The topic of this year’s congress will be “Environmental aspects as an integral part of chemical enterprises functioning”. SCIF serves as a platform for experience exchange on fertilizer production for private enterprises and public stakeholders. The program covers a wide variety…

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