24th October 2019

NACAG Secretariat and World Bank Visit Stakeholders in Pakistan

During a five-day visit to Islamabad and Lahore, representatives of the NACAG Secretariat and the World Bank discussed the potential participation of Pakistan in the NACAG with a variety of stakeholders. Consultations with several relevant ministries were held in a fruitful atmosphere. Furthermore, in a half-day workshop with representatives of the industry and several research…

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7th October 2019

Feasibility Study in Indonesia

In September 2019 the NACAG Secretariat carried out a feasibility study concerning the implementation of N2O abatement technology in Indonesia. Together with the Indonesian Ministry of Industry the NACAG Secretariat visited the nitric acid plants of PT Multi Nitrotama Kimia  (PT MNK) and PT Black Bear Resources Indonesia (PT BBRI). The objective was to establish…

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7th October 2019

Viet Nam joins NACAG

The NACAG Secretariat is happy to announce that Viet Nam has become the latest member of the NACAG. Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Director of VINACHEMIA, a subordinate agency of the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry, has signed the NACAG Declaration. Thereby, Viet Nam has joined the NACAG and is declaring that it support the goals of…

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27th September 2019

NACAG Secretariat Conducts Technical Assessments in Mexico

In September 2019, the NACAG Secretariat visited two nitric acid production facilities in Mexico. The visits intended to complete a first assessment of potential options for the installation of N2O abatement technologies in the plants. After having gathered the required data, the NACAG Secretariat will now develop a feasibility report for the companies, detailing the…

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17th September 2019

NACAG Secretariat visits Peru

In September 2019, the NACAG Secretariat, in cooperation with the Peruvian Ministry of Production (PRODUCE) and the Ministry of Environment (MINAM), presented the initiative to private sector representatives and discussed the associated opportunities for the national nitric acid sector. A fruitful exchange took place regarding potential mechanisms to incentivize the use of N2O abatement technology…

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12th September 2019

NACAG Secretariat visits MICCO Nitric Acid Plant in Thai Binh, Vietnam

In August 2019, a Technical Advisor from the NACAG Secretariat together with Jörg Ruger, the First Secretary on Environment from the German Embassy in Hanoi, visited the nitric acid production line of MICCO in Thai Binh, a nitric acid-ammonium nitrate producer under theVietnam National Coal Mineral Industries Group (VINACOMIN). The main goal of the visit…

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9th August 2019

NACAP: Eligibility of Carbon Credits Extended

The auction parameters for the Nitric Acid Climate Auctions Program (NACAP) have been updated in order to provide even more incentives for nitric acid plant operators and project developers to take part in the program. The eligibility for emission reductions has been extended substantially, so that all Carbon Credits generated between January 1st 2018 and…

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3rd July 2019

NACAG presented at DNA Forum 2019 in Bonn

At the twentieth meeting of the global CDM Designated National Authorities (DNA) Forum in June, the NACAG Secretariat gave a presentation on the initiative’s offer and current status. The NACAG input was given during a session on instruments for enhanced ambition of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the Paris Agreement. The session discussed how developed…

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6th June 2019

Feasibility Study in Kazakhstan

In May, the NACAG Secretariat visited Kazakhstan to conduct a technical feasibility study at Kazakhstan’s only nitric acid production facility in Aktau. In addition, a technical meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Energy, KazAzot, Zhasyl Damu and the Secretariat took place in Nur-Sultan. The participants reviewed the preliminary results of the technical analysis, discussed…

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16th April 2019

NACAG Welcomes Zimbabwe as New Partner Country

In March 2019, the Government of Zimbabwe has formally joined the Nitric Acid Climate Action Group by signing the initiative’s Declaration and Statement of Undertaking on ministerial level. This step follows a workshop held in December 2018 in Harare and a visit by the NACAG Secretariat at Zimbabwe’s nitric acid production plant operated by Sable…

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11th April 2019

The NACAG Secretariat executed a workshop in Mexico with representatives of the nitric acid sector

In cooperation with the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) and the National Association of Chemical Industries (ANIQ), the NACAG Secretariat in Mexico executed a workshop with representatives of the nitric acid sector. The event sought to commence a public-private dialogue on policy mechanisms for the regulation of nitrous oxide emissions. All participants expressed…

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