28th July 2021

Peru commits to the climate-friendly transformation of the nitric acid sector

On 27 July 2021, the Peruvian Ministers of Production and Environment signed NACAG’s Statement of Undertaking. The Government of Peru has thereby committed to take political measures to ensure permanent and efficient reduction of nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions from this sector from 2024 onwards. Following this step, nitric acid producers in Peru are eligible for financial…

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26th July 2021

Tender for the installation of N2O abatement technology at Sable Chemicals (Zimbabwe) published

NACAG´s partner plant operator in Zimbabwe, Sable Chemical Industries Ltd., has opened a call for international competitive bidding for the design, installation and commissioning of nitrous oxide (N2O) abatement technology (secondary catalyst) and emissions monitoring equipment at Sable’s nitric acid plants in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe. Interested bidders may request the bidding documents via email from Sable…

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14th July 2021

Climate-friendly transformation of the global nitric acid industry gains momentum

Fotosession Oyutolgoi, zusammen mit Herrn Batbold von IMRI

An increasing number of countries pursues the climate-friendly transformation of the nitric acid industry. Today, NACAG counts 14 member states, seven of which have firmly committed to a climate friendly transformation of their nitric acid sector. Covid-19 did not only pose substantial challenges to the international community and national governments but has also transformed the…

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18th June 2021

Registration open for the International Online Symposium SCIF

The International Online Symposium SCIF will take place online on 23 and 24 June 2021. The topic of this year’s congress will be “Environmental aspects as an integral part of chemical enterprises functioning”. SCIF serves as a platform for experience exchange on fertilizer production for private enterprises and public stakeholders. The program covers a wide variety…

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10th June 2021

Registration open for webinars on the Nitric Acid Climate Auctions Program

On 14 and 16 June 2021, the World Bank will host webinars on the Nitric Acid Climate Auctions Program (NACAP), a program hosted by the World Bank that will provide financing to projects that abate nitrous oxide from nitric acid production in eligible countries. NACAP is implemented in collaboration with the Nitric Acid Climate Action Group (NACAG).…

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8th June 2021

NACAG joins roundtable on climate finance at World Environment Day

NACAG was invited to present the initiative at the roundtable on climate finance organized by Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change at this year’s World Environment Day (WED). On 5 June 2021, a NACAG representative pitched the initiative and explained its ability to support countries to meet their Nationally Determined Contribution targets and raise ambition for…

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27th May 2021

Argentina Commits to the Climate-friendly Transformation of the Nitric Acid Sector

Tim Mueller-Zitzke (

During a virtual meeting with the German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze on May 27, the Argentinian Minister of Productive Development Matias Kulfas signed the Statement of Undertaking (SoU), committing to climate-friendly nitric acid production in the long term. Ms. Schulze welcomed Argentina’s decision and stressed the importance of the climate-friendly transformation of the sector: „Each…

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15th April 2021

NACAG signs Grant Agreement with Zimbabwean fertilizer company Sable Chemical Industries Ltd.

Zimbabwean fertilizer producer Sable Chemicals and NACAG have signed a grant agreement to purchase and install greenhouse gas abatement technology and monitoring equipment for the production facility in Kwekwe in central Zimbabwe. According to the agreement, Sable Chemicals will receive financial support to mitigate and monitor nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions arising from the nitric acid…

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9th April 2021

Thailand commits to climate-friendly nitric acid production

On Thursday, 8 April 2021, Thai Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Varawut Silpa-arch signed the Statement of Undertaking (SoU), committing to reduce N2O emissions in the country’s nitric acid industry. During the signing ceremony in Bangkok, attended by the German Ambassador to Thailand Georg Schmidt, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) confirmed…

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15th March 2021

A new report assesses NACAG’s transformational change potential

The concept of Transformational Change has gained increasing attention among climate change decision makers and practitioners. It recognizes that fundamental and radical changes in economic activity need to be implemented urgently in order to meet global climate and sustainable development goals. Transformational change is attributed to changing the underlying system as such – while almost…

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2nd March 2021

NACAG signs Grant Agreement with Groupe Chimique Tunisien

The Tunisian fertilizer manufacturer Groupe Chimique Tunisien (GCT) and NACAG have signed a grant agreement for the purchase and installation of greenhouse gas abatement technology and monitoring equipment for GCT’s production facility in Gabès, Tunisia. It is estimated that roughly 400.000 tons of CO2 equivalent will be mitigated annually with the implementation of this measure.…

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