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28th July 2023

Driving climate-friendly transformation: NACAG’s collaborative approach in nitric acid sector

From July 10 to 15, representatives from all NACAG partner countries gathered in Berlin to discuss and strengthen project implementation strategy. Over the years, the action group has witnessed a growing number of countries and partner plant operators joining, demonstrating a shared commitment to fostering a climate-friendly transformation in the nitric acid industry.

Although NACAG’s partner governments and plant operators are currently at different stages of implementation, they all encounter similar challenges in their pursuit of climate-friendly practices. To provide effective support to its partners, NACAG’s global team facilitated the exchange of best practices in technology transfer, political advisory, and development cooperation. By sharing valuable experiences and knowledge, the group aims to better assist countries in their efforts towards climate-friendly transformation.

Moreover, NACAG has actively engaged with industry leaders to gain insights into successful strategies for N2O abatement. As part of this effort, the group visited the production facility of Yara, one of the leading nitrogen fertilizer producers, situated in Poppendorf, Northern Germany. This visit provided an opportunity to delve into Yara’s best practices, offering valuable lessons to be applied in NACAG’s industrial transformation initiatives.

The wealth of experience and knowledge gathered through these collaborative efforts will be crucial in driving significant industrial transformation in NACAG’s partner countries. As of July 2023, Argentina, Colombia, Georgia, Jordan, Mexico, Peru, Thailand, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, and Zimbabwe have officially signed the Statement of Undertaking, underscoring their commitment to permanently reduce nitrous oxide emissions from nitric acid production.

Through collective action and mutual learning, NACAG strives to pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future in the nitric acid industry, demonstrating the power of international cooperation in tackling climate change.

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