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18th July 2023

Georgian nitric acid producer Rustavi Azot announces international tender.

JSC Rustavi Azot, Georgia’s sole nitric acid producer, is taking a significant step towards environmental sustainability through its latest tender process. The company has launched tender for the procurement, installation, and commissioning of N2O and NOx abatement technology and emissions monitoring equipment for its nitric acid plant located in Rustavi, Georgia.

All interested bidders are invited to submit their applications by July 30th.

You may find tender documents and apply for the tender under the following link.

The tender encompasses two main components: Lot 1 involves the design, installation, and commissioning of NOx reduction NSCR (Nitrogen Oxides Reduction with Non-Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology, which simultaneously effectively reduces N2O emissions. Lot 2 focuses on the implementation of an emissions monitoring system that combines N2O and NOx monitoring capabilities.

To ensure transparency and provide clarity to potential bidders, Rustavi Azot has committed to responding to any request for clarification regarding the tender. Interested parties must submit their inquiries no later than July 10th, 2023.

Rustavi Azot became eligible for financing through NACAG after the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia officially signed the Statement of Undertaking of NACAG in March 2020 and thereby committed to long-term and sustainable climate-friendly nitric acid production in Georgia. This strategic partnership opened doors for Rustavi Azot to access NACAG funding opportunities for its greenhouse gas abatement initiatives.

Rustavi Azot signed a grant agreement with NACAG on October 15th 2022. The agreement aims to secure funding for the purchase and installation of cutting-edge greenhouse gas abatement technology and monitoring equipment at the production facility in Rustavi. This investment will significantly contribute to mitigating approximately 90,000 tons of CO2 equivalent annually after the successful installation and integration of the equipment.

Rustavi Azot, with its long-standing presence in the fertilizer industry since its establishment in 1956, has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and aligning its operations with global climate goals. The company’s engagement in the tender process for N2O and NOx reduction technology and emissions monitoring equipment represents a vital step towards reducing its environmental footprint and promoting a greener future for Georgia.

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