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20th March 2023

Argentina takes further steps towards mitigating N2O emissions in the Nitric Acid Sector

In February 2023, Argentina organized a Workshop to present White Paper of N2O emissions mitigation policies in the nitric acid sector. The country is committed to implementing policies aimed at reducing N2O emissions in the nitric acid sector, having signed the SoU (Statement of Undertaking of the NACAG) in May 2021. Following this step, eligible for funding plants will receive NACAG´s financial support to install N2O abatement and monitoring equipment.  The mitigation potential in Argentina is 218.209 tons of CO2 equivalent, which is equivalent to 109.104 flights from Berlin to Buenos Aires.

To support the country’s efforts, the NACAG Initiative, in collaboration with the consulting firm Innovasus Tec, prepared a catalog of public policies and instruments to regulate the sector. This catalog aims to help the government of Argentina in the consideration, study, and implementation of policies at the national level. The policies will ensure the continuity of N2O emission reductions in the nitric acid sector, both in existing production plants and possible new plants, beyond 2023.During the workshop held on 15th of February, Innovasus Tec presented the most appropriate instruments for the country´s context that were identified throughout the study. The participants presented with a possible roadmap for the implementation of these policies.

The event was attended by representatives of the three Nitric Acid Plants, the Direction of Sustainable Industry, the Chamber of the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry (CIQyP), and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation. During the workshop, participants exchanged opinions about the proposed roadmap and the benefits offered by the NACAG initiative for companies in the nitric acid sector.

The opening and closing remarks were given by Santiago Borgna, the Director of Sustainable Industry of the Secretary of Industry and Productive Development. He highlighted the importance of the activities implemented by NACAG and encouraged the Nitric Acid Plants‘ participation in the NACAG initiative.

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