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23rd April 2020

The NACAG Secretariat is very excited to announce that Georgia has officially committed to a climate friendlier nitric acid production

In March, the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia has officially signed the Statement of Undertaking of NACAG. With this document, Georgia becomes the fourth country committing to implement appropriate political measures to permanently ensure mitigation of industry related N2O emissions resulting from the production of nitric acid by the year 2024.

Georgia’s signature renders Rustavi Azot’s production facility eligible to receive financial support from the Nitric Acid Climate Action Group – NACAG. This financial support will cover costs for tailored state-of-the-art abatement technology as well asrespective monitoring equipment resulting in the abatement of up to 95% of process related N2O emissions generated as a by-product from the production process in Rustavi Azot.

Next steps towards a more sustainable Nitric Acid Production in Georgia will include a due diligence and the tendering of the technology, followed by installation of the technology at the plant.

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