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18th December 2019

The NACAG Secretariat welcomes Cuba as new NACAG Member Country

The Deputy Minister of the Cuban Ministry for Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA), Mr. José Fidel Santana Núnez, signed the NACAG Declaration on 3 December 2019. With this signature, Cuba becomes the 3rdLatin American country joining NACAG. Thereby, Cuba declares its support of NACAG’s main goal of substantially reducing nitrous oxide emissions from the production of nitric acid worldwide.

Next steps include a mission to determine the technical feasibility for implementation of mitigation technology at Cuba’s only nitric acid production facility in Nuevitas. If operating at full capacity, this plant is responsible for almost 25% of total industrial emissions in Cuba. With appropriate mitigation technology in place, around 300.000 tons of CO2eq can be avoided each year.   

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