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9th June 2022

Tender for the installation of N2O abatement technology and monitoring equipment at Sable Chemicals (Zimbabwe) prolonged

NACAG´s partner plant operator in Zimbabwe, Sable Chemical Industries Ltd., has prolonged an open call for international competitive bidding for the design, installation and commissioning of nitrous oxide (N2O) abatement technology (tertiary catalyst) and emissions monitoring equipment at Sable’s nitric acid plants in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe.

Interested bidders may request the bidding documents via email from Sable Chemical Industries Ltd ( The documents and participation are free of charge. The tendering procedure closes at 14:00 CAT on 30 June 2022. Interested participants shall submit all necessary documents to in PDF format by this time.

Sable Chemicals also points out that bidders that have already submitted their bids and want to make some improvements on their submissions given the extension, might take note of Clause 24 of Part I: Section 1: Instructions to Bidders of the Bidding Document that provides for withdrawal and replacement of bids before the tender closing date

NACAG finances the procurement and installation of the respective technology under a grant agreement signed with Sable Chemicals in April 2021. The signing of the agreement followed the Zimbabwean Government’s firm commitment to ensure the effective and permanent mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions from nitric acid production from 2024 onwards.

Sable Chemicals, founded in 1966, is the sole manufacturer of nitrogenous fertilizer in Zimbabwe. After the installation of equipment, roughly 400.000 tons of CO2 equivalent will be mitigated annually.

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