© KEMAPCO® Arab Fertilizers & Chemicals Industries Ltd: Nitric acid producer KEMAPCO in Jordan

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© KEMAPCO® Arab Fertilizers & Chemicals Industries Ltd: Nitric acid producer KEMAPCO in Jordan

9th January 2024

Tender Announcement in Jordan: Procurement of Advanced N2O Monitoring Equipment at KEMAPCO®

In a pivotal environmental initiative, KEMAPCO® Arab Fertilizers & Chemicals Industries Ltd, based in Aqaba, Jordan, has partnered with NACAG to announce a tender for the procurement of advanced Nitrous Oxide (N2O) monitoring equipment. The collaboration, formalized on June 21st through a Grant Agreement, underscores KEMAPCO®’s commitment to curbing greenhouse nitrous oxide emissions from nitric acid production with the Global Warming Potential 273 times higher than that of CO2

The core objective of this tender is the acquisition and installation of cutting-edge N2O monitoring equipment fully financed by NACAG.

International bidders are invited to participate in this crucial environmental endeavor. The tender exclusively covers the procurement of monitoring equipment to enhance environmental sustainability at KEMAPCO®.

Submission deadline for tender inquiry: 19th of February 2024.
Interested parties can find the general instructions for receiving the tender documents via the following link: Tender No. 09/2023 – KEMAPCO

A tender for the emission abatement technology will soon follow.

Established in 1999 and strategically located near Jordan’s primary port, KEMAPCO® has been a prominent player in nitric acid production. This tender aligns with the company’s vision for sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

This commitment by KEMAPCO® to reduce nitrous oxide emissions through advanced monitoring technology signifies a commendable effort towards fostering a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. The tender not only presents a significant opportunity for global manufacturers but also marks a collective stride towards a greener, more sustainable world.


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