Bombo Hospital Meeting - © GIZ, Dirk Ostermeier

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Bombo Hospital Meeting - © GIZ, Dirk Ostermeier

8th August 2023

Strengthening Accountability and Transparency: The Independent Complaint Mechanism of IKI

NACAG is committed to fostering climate-friendly practices and ensuring that its cooperation with counties has positive social and environmental outcomes. As a part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI), we also recognize the importance of transparency, accountability, and responsible use of public funds. To uphold these principles and provide a platform for concerned individuals, NACAG actively supports the introduction of Independent Complaint Mechanism of IKI (IKI ICM).

The IKI ICM addresses complaints related to noncompliance with negative social and/or environmental impacts, misuse of funds, and corruption. It is designed as a platform for to raise legitimate concerns and seeks to find fair and just resolutions.

The IKI ICM operates independently ensuring its autonomy in investigating and addressing complaints. It is composed of a panel of independent experts who uphold impartiality and fairness throughout the process. The mechanism ensures anonymity for individuals who wish to remain confidential in their complaints.

Complainants have two avenues to address their concerns. The first is a mediation-based alternative dispute resolution procedure, where the IKI ICM facilitates voluntary discussions between parties to reach mutually accepted solutions. The second option is a compliance review, during which the IKI ICM assesses compliance with IKI safeguards, budgetary and funding law.

Contacting IKI ICM:

Individuals with relevant concerns can reach the IKI ICM at the following email address: iki-complaints(at)

More information to be found on the IKI Website.

At NACAG, we value the role of the IKI ICM in promoting good governance, responsible project implementation, and environmental protection. Through the IKI ICM, we reinforce our commitment to making a positive impact on climate action while ensuring that our projects are carried out responsibly and in compliance with international standards.

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