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1st July 2022

Stakeholder Consultation on Policies for Industrial N2O Emission Reductions in Thailand

On the 29th of June 2022, around 40 on-site and online participants gathered in a hybrid stakeholder consultation meeting to discuss the preliminary outcomes of the study “In-depth Policy Options for Achieving the Permanent Abatement of Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Nitric Acid & Caprolactam Production in Thailand”, which was commissioned by NACAGJointly organized by the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP), GIZ Thailand, and the NACAG Secretariat, the meeting aimed at bringing together relevant stakeholders and sharing the findings of the policy study.

The workshop provided the public and private stakeholders with an overview of the analysis and assessment of potential policy and regulatory options, as well as monitoring and evaluation mechanisms in the nitric acid and caprolactam industry in Thailand. The participants openly discussed these policy options, which would – if implemented – lead to a permanent N2O abatement in said industries.

Several organisations related to the N2O abatement from Thailand’s nitric acid and caprolactam industry were represented, including the Department of Industrial Works, Thailand Board of Investment, Office of Industrial Economics, Revenue Department, Pollution Control Department, the public organisation Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation, private companies, and GIZ Thailand. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Jiravat Ratisoontorn, Deputy Secretary-General of ONEP.

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