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7th May 2024

Química PIMA Signs Contract for Nitrous Oxide Emission Monitoring Technology: A Milestone for NACAG Initiative in Mexico

On 17 April 2024, the first contract for the supply of nitrous oxide emission monitoring technology in Mexico was signed between Química PIMA and a supplier selected through a public tender. Química PIMA is a leading nitrogen fertilizer producer in the north-west of Mexico, with an annual production of approximately 30,000 tonnes of nitric acid.

The cutting-edge monitoring technology, known as the Continuous Emissions Measurement System (CEMS), was meticulously selected through a public tender process and meets the most stringent certification standards. It will enable the plant to effectively manage its nitrous oxide emissions reduction efforts and verify the effectiveness of the abatement system.

Tailored to the specific requirements of the plants, these measurement systems undergo a meticulous production process. It’s noteworthy that the technology supply package includes comprehensive training for Química PIMA personnel on equipment operation, along with ongoing remote support from the supplier.

The anticipated abatement at the Química PIMA plant is 66,339 tonnes of CO2e per year. This achievement is equivalent to removing approximately 14.7 thousand passenger cars from the roads for a year or sparing the consumption of 153.4 thousand barrels of oil.

GIZ has been spearheading the NACAG initiative in Mexico since 2019. Since its inception, fruitful dialogues have been initiated with nitric acid plants in Mexico. In late 2019, the Mexican government officially joined the NACAG initiative by signing a Statement of Undertaking, underscoring its commitment to implementing necessary policy measures for the permanent abatement of N2O emissions from nitric acid production. This commitment paved the way for Mexican nitric acid producers to access financing for the procurement and installation of nitrous oxide abatement and monitoring technology.

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