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21st February 2018

NACAG Workshop in Mexico City successfully brings together government and private sector stakeholders

In cooperation with the Mexican Ministry for Environment (SEMARNAT) and the Mexican Chemical Industry Association (ANIQ), the NACAG Secretariat organized a technical workshop in Mexico City on 12 February 2018. The workshop’s intention was to inform about NACAG, including the different financing programs implemented by GIZ and the World Bank, respectively, and to initiate a discussion on the roles of the government and the private sector with regard to climate action in the nitric acid sector. Representatives of SEMARNAT, ANIQ, and several nitric acid producers located in Mexico (Soluciones Químicas para el Campo y la Industria S.A. de C.V., Agroindustrias del Balsas S.A. de C.V. and  UNIVEX S.A.) participated in the workshop.

At the workshop, SEMARNAT presented the Mexican NDC and the 2030 emissions scenario. The NACAG Secretariat introduced the initiative including the different financing programs, and informed about the EU’s experience with respect to nitrous oxide abatement and the different abatement technologies.

The workshop was a great success as it brought together government representatives and nitric acid producers to discuss cooperation on nitrous oxide abatement. SEMARNAT acknowledged the benefits of NACAG’s approach which involves linking the public and private sector and using climate finance in a very efficient manner. The nitric acid producers showed a strong interest in joining NACAG and in this way contribute to climate action.

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