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16th April 2019

NACAG Welcomes Zimbabwe as New Partner Country

In March 2019, the Government of Zimbabwe has formally joined the Nitric Acid Climate Action Group by signing the initiative’s Declaration and Statement of Undertaking on ministerial level. This step follows a workshop held in December 2018 in Harare and a visit by the NACAG Secretariat at Zimbabwe’s nitric acid production plant operated by Sable Chemicals in Kwekwe. The signature of the SoU signifies that the Government of Zimbabwe will ensure that it will take appropriate steps to ensure that in Zimbabwe nitric acid will be produced using climate-friendly technology from 2021 onwards. Zimbabwe’s signature renders Sable Chemicals eligible for receiving financial support for the purchase and installation of catalyst technology in the nitric acid facility. Next steps include choosing a technologically suitable mitigation option, establishing a regulatory framework and purchasing and installing abatement technology at the plant.

Zimbabwe’s signature marks a major step in the country’s contribution to reach international climate targets under the Paris Agreement. By installing and operating N2O abatement technology at the nitric acid plant, approximately 450,000 tons of CO2eq can be abated every year.

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