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15th April 2021

NACAG signs Grant Agreement with Zimbabwean fertilizer company Sable Chemical Industries Ltd.

Zimbabwean fertilizer producer Sable Chemicals and NACAG have signed a grant agreement to purchase and install greenhouse gas abatement technology and monitoring equipment for the production facility in Kwekwe in central Zimbabwe. According to the agreement, Sable Chemicals will receive financial support to mitigate and monitor nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions arising from the nitric acid production process. Sable is the second plant operator following Groupe Chimique Tunisien to have signed a grant agreement with NACAG.

Sable Chemicals, founded in 1966, is the sole producer of nitrogenous fertilizer in Zimbabwe. After the installation of equipment, roughly 300.000 tons of CO2 equivalent will be mitigated annually.

The signing of the grant agreement with Sable follows the Zimbabwean Government’s firm commitment to ensure that nitrous oxide emissions from nitric acid production will be effectively and permanently mitigated in the future.

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