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22nd October 2018

NACAG Secretariat on visit to Indonesia

This month, the NACAG Secretariat visited Indonesia in order to discuss benefits as well as terms and conditions concerning NACAG membership with the Indonesian Government. On October 17, 2018, The Indonesian Planning Ministry Bappenas convened a NACAG Workshop in Jakarta. Besides representatives from Bappenas and the NACAG Secretariat, delegates from the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Environment and Forests participated in the workshop as well. The workshop saw fruitful discussions on what NACAG has to offer, the respective advantages of the different financing streams and what the next steps would be.

Indonesia hosts a total of 4 nitric acid plants with estimated emissions of 500,000 t CO2eq per year. If the Indonesian Government decided to sign the Statement of Undertaking, these plants would become eligible for participating either in the NACAG Support Facility (grants) or in the Nitric Acid Climate Auctions Program (auction of bonds).

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