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27th September 2019

NACAG Secretariat Conducts Technical Assessments in Mexico

In September 2019, the NACAG Secretariat visited two nitric acid production facilities in Mexico. The visits intended to complete a first assessment of potential options for the installation of N2O abatement technologies in the plants. After having gathered the required data, the NACAG Secretariat will now develop a feasibility report for the companies, detailing the technical and financial implications of implementing different technological solutions.

If mitigation technology is installed in both plants, the emission of up to 275,000 tons of CO2 equivalent could be avoided yearly.

In addition to reducing N2O emissions and contributing to Mexico´s NDC, implementing NACAG´s offer in these production facilities would enhance their production systems through better monitoring technology and capacity building of personnel. In view of this potential, both producers expressed great interest in advancing the initiative within their companies and in receiving further technical advice from NACAG.

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