Technical Support

The NACAG Secretariat is providing technical support to all stakeholders willing to participate in the abatement of nitrous oxide emissions from the production of nitric acid. Experienced experts are providing plant operators with specific, tailor-made advice with respect to the most appropriate abatement technology, its installation and operation as well as concerning requirements and operational questions of monitoring the emission reductions. For instance, offered support includes the implementation of feasibility studies and capacity development on monitoring.

Nitric acid plant operators can apply for technical support by contacting the NACAG Secretariat.

In addition, the NACAG Secretariat is providing advice to governments in terms of regulatory questions of nitrous oxide abatement. Under the Paris Agreement, all countries are to formulate, submit and periodically revise their climate change mitigation activities and targets in the form of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). NACAG’s objective is for all countries to include the abatement of nitrous oxide emissions in their NDCs and put in place effective mechanisms to ensure the long-term emission abatement. Such mechanisms can take a variety of forms including benchmark regulation and Emission Trading Systems. The NACAG Secretariat is advising governments on policy and legislative options concerning sustainable climate change mitigation in the nitric acid sector. This also comprises the analysis of abatement costs and implications for the sector as well as consultancy on sustainable financing options for abatement post 2023.

Governments interested in cooperating with the NACAG and benefiting from the Secretariat’s advisory services are welcome to contact the NACAG Secretariat.